The manufacture of each piece depends on the quality of the labour and materials used. Each part is a different story and we are able to attribute to the developments several techniques and technologies for the finishing of the parts. Berna 1981 has technologies and manufacturing methods that allow it to manufacture parts for the most diverse situations, OUTDOOR, SPORT, LIFESTYLE, COSMOPOLITAN.The use of the most diverse qualities of fabrics, technicians, nylons, viscoses, lycras among others allows the adaptation in the construction of the pieces.


Berna 1981 has equipment and technologies prepared to use in the confection of any model all kinds of fabrics.It often combines a variety of fabrics and materials, which can also be glued on a new and unique fabric, either with a foam layer or just glued directly.We are versatile when it comes to structures, weights and fabric compositions. We mention some of the most used qualities in the confection of our products: Wool, Cotton, Nylons, Lycras, Jerseys, Denim and Leather. 



Berna 1981 has a high experience and is qualified to develop in partnerships the most diverse techniques and finishes to assign to each model, forms of customization and distinction.Among the techniques and finishes of customization we highlight:

- Digital printing and traditional printing
- Sublimation
- Laser printing and cutting
- Full print
- Induction
- Embroidery (regular, with applications, Tanaka, High Point, Chain Point, English Point Effect, Fuwari, Sequined, Cordon with tapes and Cordon with metal chains)
- High frequency- Sequins and bead embroidery
- Glued seams- Glued fabrics- All types of fusion processes
- Padded with various designs and weights



The feather jacket is a piece more and more necessary due to the confection techniques used, the weight of the piece that gives a high comfort in its use. Its use in low temperature climates, in high demand sports, allows by the use of feathers inside a quick recovery of body temperature and a stabilization of comfort. Any model can be manufactured in the most diverse qualities of fabrics: thinner, shinier, more feminine and elegant. Retro or futuristic, fluorescent or classic, smooth or printed, with goose or duck feathers or even with synthetic paste. Berna 1981 offers you a great variety of jackets, offering you added value thanks to its strong component of high technology and creativity.



In the confection of models used in special situations, namely radical sports, uniforms, among others, we need to assign to the technical pieces of confection, finishing on the confectioned piece or even the use of counter-glued fabrics to comply with the rigor required by the client. We highlight pieces with welded or glued seams through special machines, water repellent resin finishing, special finishing in the protection against fire or the preparation of glued fabrics prepared to use at low temperatures.In accordance with the degree of demand, with the materials and techniques mentioned above, we come to the detail in the use of the sewing threads, in the interlinings and internal structures of each piece.



In the elaboration of any model manufactured in Berna 1981 it is obligatory the use of certified accessories that allow to each model the reliability, quality and durability. The use of Zipers, technical springs, eyelets, stoppers, buttons, among others, gives guarantees and refinement to the user.